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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street and I specialize in credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The efforts paid off well…

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I have just subscribed to the above service and watched Nicolas's 5 training videos. I am a retired Canadian engineer so Nicolas's approach as an engineer is a breath of fresh air. I have subscribed to trials to half a dozen other sites and would only consider one of them as being close in quality to this one. There are hundreds of sites, chart indicators and trading systems as well as over 50 option combinations. Nicolas sticks to only a few conservative options tactics and a very small number of technical charting indicators and an in depth understanding of the underlying stock, sector and overall market sentiment. I highly recommend this service providing you are not looking for a high risk get rich quick scheme.

I found the webinar very informative and I have subsequently gone ahead and purchased the Options Course on Credit Spreads.

Before I purchased I saw many positive reviews but all had just joined so no history. After one month, I am leaving due to the losses. I do not think this is necessarily a bad product but there are some things to be aware of. 1) I was told it should be safe to do 5k per trade on a 15-20k account which I have. If you choose to believe this, you should probably only have one trade open at a time. Imagine your account value being cut in half with 2 open trades. If you can handle that pressure, you should be fine. 2) Nic, during my one month here, makes recommendations to the folio trades that are not actually done in the portfolio . He does tell you this at the time but it makes me wonder how accurate the "verified" results actually are. I know they are not even close for the last 30 days. I personally lost 3k from a beginning balance of 17k in the last 30 days and at one point my acct value was as low as 8800. Talk about pressure. This is probably good for a large acct where you only have 5% or so at risk on a single trade but I have no way to be sure.

After writing a review that was very critical of the quality of your service, I have since found the updated version of the resource page. It's very impressive--I still only give you a 4 star rating because this is the first time I have been directed here to see the new version.

Nic provides good insight on the markets, but I don't see that much added value for paying for a subscription as compared to following him on Twitter or Stocktwits. There are very few trades posted on the portfolio. Even more importantly, Marketfy doesn't let him show rolling credit spreads, so when a credit spread trade goes bad, it's difficult to accurately track the performance of the roll. A lot of members, as myself, lost quite a bit on a PCLN Put Credit Spread and weren't able to accurately understand how the position was rolled.

CIWOPS - Provides a lot of timely info that can be valuable if you know ho to use it. However, I need more hand holding than what is provided. Bill

Nic's greatest asset is his accessibility. It is refreshing to be able to communicate with him regarding Market Internals, Individual Trades and his Perspective on the Current State of the Markets. I have tracked Nic's Trades since becoming a member just a couple of weeks ago and here is my take: 1) Nic is a VERY Conservative Trader 2) He ONLY takes Trades he believes have the Highest Probability of being Profitable. 3) He analyzes the current Market Climate and understands how to adapt and apply it to his Trading. 4) He doesn't take a lot of Trades - only two since I've been a member. 5) Both Trades were Winners for a total payoff of just under $500. 6) He understands Risk Management and is consistent in his approach to it. 7) He provides copious amounts of information and insights into the Financial Markets and you can count hon him to "Partner" with you as you engage the Market. All in all, he is the Conservative Trader's Best Friend For me, I would prefer a Marketfy service provider that was a bit more diverse and frequent in their Trade selection. Four Stars out of Five because of this. To be sure, he is one of the Good Ones here on Marketfy.

Nic is an expert at looking at the big picture and making money from a safe distance. His spread strategies are almost risk free and the goal is to rinse and repeat this for consistent profits and cutting down losses

As a Trader, I look for those individuals that show a consistent and reliable interpretation of the Markets. I also want to follow individuals that show concern for the results their advice has on the public. Nic Chahine is a great person to follow because he is disciplined in his analysis, his trading and shows great interest in his Members and Public that follow his advice in trades. You can learn a great deal from Nic and make a nice profit while going to school so to speak.

I found the seminar on how to use the service useful. It has taken some time to learn how to use the service

Nic, is very informative and gives you good guidance, this is not a chat room trading forum, but rather more of a long term trades and is geared toward the credit spreads. Of course there are some fast trades, but only when they present themselves. Personally, I use the information as a gauge, I put on different types of trades than Nic does, but it's nice to know what he is thinking and where he is placing his trades. Cheers

Accurate useful daily up to date info-=-easy to use and Nic is always available to VIP members to clarify any data quickly to formulate a strategic trade.

Good site, but I think there are few weekly trades. I expected 4-5 trades every week and I am a bit frustrated

A high level of communication, information and education from Nicolas leads to great insights and ideas. Nicolas takes the time to teach his clients about trading tactics that pay off.

Hi Nic, I meant to email you this comment after the first time I attended your webinar many months ago; and that was that I really appreciated your style of trading and most importantly your philosophy of trading. The introduction of not to getting addicted to Hopium etc., I found the philosophy affable, engaging and similar to mine own. Anyway, I signed up for a second webinar a month ago and signed up for the subscription as well. Well, I appear to be somewhat tone deaf to options (even with a background in physics) and couldn't make the best use of the subscription, so I had to cancel it. Still, I wanted to let you know I appreciate the work. Enjoy sunny Los Angeles, as do I, minus the traffic. Thanks, -Sunil