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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street and I specialize in credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The efforts paid off well…

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Lost a lot of money taking ideas on market reversal - I do much better handling that myself - specifically ndx, goog, appl, and ma.

This service started out great. Nic with out question knows the market inside and out and knows all the levels and could day trade with this knowledge. This service is also for people who have a lot of money and can wait many months to collect there profit. Nothing wrong with that. Thats great but not for everyone. Recenlty Nic has not been sharing information opening and closing trades without informing us and has led to many blow outs in the room. Many are leaving for this reason including me. Nic also disappears from the room for an hour at a time. Once in a while sure no problem but when the market is correcting? Come on man! I have been with this service for about 8 months and I would like my money refunded. I am now with another service where I trade right along with the head trader, they are actively involved, Nic is not. Many members have contacted me with the same complaint. The best trade for me is to get my money back after 8 months that is a good amount of money. That would be a winning trade for me.

Require lot of time to manage.

after 6 months; I can tell small gains but you can have big loss like for PCLN witch the loss is not not 750$ on the site but much more : 9500$ even rolling down like I done. Good communication , Nic replay very quickly. For your money there is better trader on the site .

I tried it out for 2 months and the service is mid tier as far as the option trade tips given out by Mr. Chahine. I appreciate what the service tries to do and I'm sure some individuals will find a successful trade or two out. However, I feel that for the price, at about $80/month you would better served investing in tools that will make you a better overall trader; not relying soley on others ideas. To be honest If I knew that the service was operated on the SLACK platform I would never had signed up. You can find similar rooms for that give comparable insight for free on Discord and other places online. That being said, although the service didn't work out for me, others may take to it more easily. I particularly am not a fan of the SLACK platform. For what I was paying per month I feel like the platform should be more elegant and intuitive to use. This leads me to my main gripe with this service. When you decide to cancel you will encounter and ENDLESS LOOP when attempting to cancel your subscription. There is no way to cancel via the website. Benzinga/Marketfy Support is "busy". There should be an option to cancel without jumping through hoops. This is an example of despicable predatory coding. As a huge fan of Benzinga it disappoints me that they would do this. It will also make me strongly reconsider my continued use of their Pro platform as well. Stay far away from any service that tries to hold you hostage by making it very difficult to cancel.

very expensive

Before I purchased I saw many positive reviews but all had just joined so no history. After one month, I am leaving due to the losses. I do not think this is necessarily a bad product but there are some things to be aware of. 1) I was told it should be safe to do 5k per trade on a 15-20k account which I have. If you choose to believe this, you should probably only have one trade open at a time. Imagine your account value being cut in half with 2 open trades. If you can handle that pressure, you should be fine. 2) Nic, during my one month here, makes recommendations to the folio trades that are not actually done in the portfolio . He does tell you this at the time but it makes me wonder how accurate the "verified" results actually are. I know they are not even close for the last 30 days. I personally lost 3k from a beginning balance of 17k in the last 30 days and at one point my acct value was as low as 8800. Talk about pressure. This is probably good for a large acct where you only have 5% or so at risk on a single trade but I have no way to be sure.

Very poor.


The chat room has too much "jargon" or undefinable acronyms that Nicolas carries on with a few "favorites. This week (last few days) have been good as they are the only times I have seen actual trades spelled out in "plain English" with the rationale and caveats given. I was able to take them after evaluation. If you are gearing your chat and your trades to ones who have been with you and understand your "jargon" then maybe a "newbie" like me should move on. As a newbie i mean to your site, not trading. I am an experienced trader. Period!

CIWOPS - Provides a lot of timely info that can be valuable if you know ho to use it. However, I need more hand holding than what is provided. Bill

I am no longer a subscriber. It felt like information overflow and just not enough time during my day to catch up.

Good site, but I think there are few weekly trades. I expected 4-5 trades every week and I am a bit frustrated

I cannot Because I asked for a little help 3 weekso ago and have not heard from you. Again, how do I get started with your trades. Thanks

I like the method in theory. Took the 2-week trial and had no actionable trades, so did not continue with the monthly membership.