Insurance Scammer Sentenced to 20 Years for Investor Fraud

Joel Steinger, a 64-year-old investment manager in Miami, was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison by a US District Judge for orchestrating an insurance scam that bilked investors out of $800 million. It was one of the largest and most expansive fraud schemes in Florida’s history and turned thousands of investors into victims. Steinger [...]


How the Recent Predicted Market Correction Could Affect Stocks

Toward the end of 2013, several analysts made predictions about what might befall the market in the coming year. It is never easy to make these types of predictions as it is essentially an attempt to see into the future. The majority of analysts use trends and patterns from the past in order to make [...]


The Difference Between Index Funds and ETFs

Traditional index funds and Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, are some of the most alluring investments out there. In terms of diversification and cost, they are very tough to beat. Whether one is better than the other may just depend on who you ask since they both have plenty going for them and can make [...]


Idaho Investment Firm Executives Convicted of Securities Fraud

The co-founders of a real estate company based in Meridian have been found guilty of investor fraud and sentenced to serve time in federal prison. The 66-year-old former CEO, Douglas Swenson, and his partner and DBSI’s general counsel, 66-year-old Mark Ellison, were sentenced to twenty years and five years, respectively, for bilking hundreds of investors [...]


Bitcoin’s (Possible) Effect on the US Stock Market

Since bitcoin first came hit the global financial scene in 2009, it has been a source of intrigue, delight, and confusion for both financial analysis as well as the average consumer. Bitcoin is a form of electronic payment – an e-currency if you will – that functions on a peer-to-peer system without any semblance of [...]


Father-Son Hedge Fund Management Team Facing Fraud Charges

The extensive and far-reaching impact of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme that dominated headlines around the world in 2009 was exemplified recently when a former dean at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his son agreed to plead guilty to charges that they operated an alleged investment scam with associations to Madoff’s multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme. [...]


Potential Stock Market Effects of Marijuana Legalization

On January 1st of this year, marijuana became legal in the state of Colorado for recreational use and as soon as it did, weed related stocks skyrocketed. There were lofty expectations heading into the new year about the prices of such stocks once the legalization took effect, but sales soared well above them as a [...]


An Intro to News Trading and Noise Trading

News trading is something that people who are new to the world of trading may not be familiar with. It is a means by which certain financial instruments such as currencies and equities are traded on the markets. News traders scour the daily (and hourly) market reports in search of corporate management changes, merger rumors, [...]


Tales of Investor Fraud – Former Quiznos Executives Being Sued for Investor Fraud

Former executives of the popular submarine sandwich chain Quiznos are being sued by investors in federal court for what they say amount to hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of investor fraud. Funds belonging to Avenue Capital Group and Fortress Investment group filed a civil suit in July in US District Court in Denver where [...]


ISIS vs. the US and How It Could Affect the Markets

Oil prices continue to succumb to the forces of instability as the Islamic militant group ISIS continues to threaten US oil interests in the Middle East. The group first started taking over areas of northern Iraq in the early part of June and when they did, oil prices shot up almost $10 to around $108 [...]

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