Deriving Income and Financial Protection Through Investing

Why do people choose to save and invest their money? On the surface it’s a pretty simplistic question that one would think would have an equally simplistic answer. And truth be told, the answer is relatively straightforward. There are a few reasons that people save and invest their money but two of the primary reasons [...]


The Stock Market Over the Last Ten Years

It doesn’t seem like 2004 was ten full years ago but it was. How a decade can go by so fast is anyone’s guess and even more mysterious is how the stock market has changed during that time. The consensus among seasoned investors is that the first ten years of the new millennium were not [...]


Founder and CEO of Alternative Energy Company Receives 25 Years for Investment Fraud Scheme

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bixby Energy Systems, an alternative energy corporation in Los Angeles, was handed a 25 year prison sentence this week and ordered to pay restitution of almost $58 million after a jury found him guilty of conducting an elaborate investment fraud scheme. 72-year-old Robert Allen Walker was convicted of [...]

Hong Kong press freedom march

Hong Kong Protests Impacting US Stocks

The protests currently taking place in Hong Kong over the decision by the Chinese government to select the candidates for the 2017 election are having an impact on global finance, and not for the better. China’s economy has been in the throes of a substantial slowdown recently and investors in the United States have become [...]

Mutual funds

Choosing Quality Mutual Funds

Finding a quality mutual fund requires taking a number of things into consideration, the first being how a particular fund is going to affect the overall portfolio. Some investors choose a mutual fund because of the potential for a high return while they choose others simply as a means to provide income. Not all funds [...]


What Effect Would An Ebola Epidemic Have on US Stocks

When talking about the Ebola virus and the possibility of an outbreak anywhere in the world, particularly in the United States, it is difficult to think about the implications to the financial markets when there are lives at stake. After all, Ebola is claiming thousands of lives every day in certain parts of Africa and [...]


Judge in Nevada Enters Guilty Plea for Investment Fraud

It was an expensive week this week for a state court judge in Nevada who until now has enjoyed a reputation for consistently representing the right side of the law. Steven Jones had his law license taken away from him as well as his voter-appointed position of state court judge for pleading guilty in a [...]


Ponzi Schemer Believed to be Hiding in Mexico

The name Oscar Villarreal is one that folks in Cleveland, Ohio will not soon forget. That’s because Villarreal has become infamous for bilking investors out of millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme that took advantage of some of the wealthiest people in Ohio. The scam started in 2009 when Villarreal sent an invitation to [...]


Microcap and Penny Stocks – A Guide for Beginners

Penny stocks are a very unique animal in the world of investing. Some investors swear by them, believing the potential reward is worth the disproportionately high risk while others do whatever is necessary to steer clear of them altogether. People who are interested in making a go at investing in penny stocks without having any [...]


Sentences Handed Down to Perpetrators of Black Diamond Ponzi Scheme

Three hedge fund managers were sentenced in US District Court last week for their respective roles in an investment fraud scheme that collectively bilked victims out of $40 million. 51-year-old Jeffrey Toft of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 36-year-old Chad Sloat of Kansas City, Missouri, and 54-year-old Michael Murphy of Deep Haven, Minnesota were handed down [...]

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