The Effects of US Dollar Depreciation on Your Stock Portfolio

The US dollar has been depreciating significantly for quite some time and investors are taking its long term effects into consideration when looking at their stock portfolios. The decline of the value of the dollar and the effect that it has on a given portfolio is primarily dependent upon what that portfolio contains. If there [...]


Israeli Gaza Conflict Not Having Much Impact on World Markets

At a time when the world is seeing an unprecedented escalation in Middle East tension, particularly as it pertains to the Israel Gaza conflict, investors in the United States and other countries around the world don’t seem fazed by the fighting. One investor who is in Israel on behalf of his global investment firm has [...]


An Introduction to Pairs Trading

Pairs trading is used to generate profits from two different asset classes that show similar price movements but wherein the prices themselves are divergent. Asset prices, whether they are stocks, currencies, ETFs, or other assets, are generally classified as highly correlated when they are identical or nearly identical. When they diverge in the short term, [...]


Tales of Investor Fraud – Former Alabama Attorney Convicted

On September 22nd of this year, former Alabaster, Alabama attorney Christopher Shawn Linton will report to federal prison and begin serving the 71-month sentence that was handed down to him for his conviction on charges of defrauding investors out of $2.5 million. Upon his release in late summer of 2020, assuming he serves the entire [...]


The Gold ETF and What It Means To You

Most investors who have experienced a level of success in the markets want to have some kind of “exit strategy” for when the market starts going bad. Some in the investment community call it a “flight to safety” strategy but whatever label is attached to it, the concept is the same. The nature of this [...]


Growing Concerns About Iraq in the Global Oil Market

There has been a certain measure of temporary relief recently from the fears that the international political and financial communities have had regarding oil production in Iraq. The price of crude oil has gone down $5 a barrel over the last three weeks which has brought the price to under $110 a barrel where many [...]


Tales of Investor Fraud: Affinity Fraud

With the internet being the bastion of anonymity that it is, fraud of every conceivable ilk has been perpetrated online and some forms of fraud have even become an epidemic. But not all fraud that is perpetrated today was born in the 21st century. There are plenty of ways that people take advantage of unsuspecting [...]


High-Risk Investments May Not Be So Bad After All

The conventional wisdom in investing is of course to minimize risk and maximize profits. No investor in his or her right mind would ever knowingly put money into a high-risk investment unless there was the possibility of an astronomical return, right? Well, that may not necessarily be the case in every situation as there has [...]


Global Warming and Water – Potential Investment Opportunities in H2O

No society can survive without water. Those are six words that should have long since had investors clamoring to find and perfect ways in which this precious and very abundant commodity could be harnessed and marketed properly. Of course there are plenty of publicly traded companies that have done a stellar job of penetrating the [...]


Tales of Investor Fraud – Steeplechase USA LLC

Being an individual with investable funds has long been both a gift and a curse. Of course, everyone would like to have extra money that they could use to grow their estate for the future. However, investment scams are probably as old as humanity itself – a sad fact which continues to be proven on [...]

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