What Effect Would An Ebola Epidemic Have on US Stocks

When talking about the Ebola virus and the possibility of an outbreak anywhere in the world, particularly in the United States, it is difficult to think about the implications to the financial markets when there are lives at stake. After all, Ebola is claiming thousands of lives every day in certain parts of Africa and [...]


Judge in Nevada Enters Guilty Plea for Investment Fraud

It was an expensive week this week for a state court judge in Nevada who until now has enjoyed a reputation for consistently representing the right side of the law. Steven Jones had his law license taken away from him as well as his voter-appointed position of state court judge for pleading guilty in a [...]


Ponzi Schemer Believed to be Hiding in Mexico

The name Oscar Villarreal is one that folks in Cleveland, Ohio will not soon forget. That’s because Villarreal has become infamous for bilking investors out of millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme that took advantage of some of the wealthiest people in Ohio. The scam started in 2009 when Villarreal sent an invitation to [...]


Microcap and Penny Stocks – A Guide for Beginners

Penny stocks are a very unique animal in the world of investing. Some investors swear by them, believing the potential reward is worth the disproportionately high risk while others do whatever is necessary to steer clear of them altogether. People who are interested in making a go at investing in penny stocks without having any [...]


Sentences Handed Down to Perpetrators of Black Diamond Ponzi Scheme

Three hedge fund managers were sentenced in US District Court last week for their respective roles in an investment fraud scheme that collectively bilked victims out of $40 million. 51-year-old Jeffrey Toft of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 36-year-old Chad Sloat of Kansas City, Missouri, and 54-year-old Michael Murphy of Deep Haven, Minnesota were handed down [...]


Unemployment Claims Numbers and the US Stock Market: The Harbinger of Doom That is August

When initial unemployment numbers are exceptionally low to the extent that they are nearly breaking or breaking record lows, history has shown that there is probably something ominous ahead. Over the last four decades unemployment claims that have hit “all-time lows”, particularly around the late summer and early fall, it hasn’t been more than a [...]


Profitability in a Trendless Market

Trending is one of the elements of the stock market that helps investors make decisions about which stocks to buy, which to sell, and when to do one or the other. When the market is trending up or down, making decisions about investments is relatively easy. But when it is moving sideways – which is [...]


Convicted Ponzi Perpetrator Pleads Guilty to New Charges of Investor Fraud

In most people’s estimation, Eliyahu Weinstein would be considered the consummate glutton for punishment. The 39-year-old from Lakewood, New Jersey is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for spearheading an elaborate Ponzi scheme involving real estate investments. This week he entered a guilty plea for bilking investors out of roughly $8 million for lying to [...]


How Russian Aggression Against the Ukraine May (or May Not) Affect US Stocks

There has been quite a bit of speculation about the various sociopolitical issues that are currently befalling Europe and the Middle East and how these situations will impact the world economy in general and the US economy in particular. Russia’s aggression toward the Ukraine has been especially intriguing but surprisingly most investors have not expressed [...]

george mirror

What is Mirror Trading?

When it comes to trading, the world is filled with few winners – and then everyone else. But unlike the sports world, where very few physically gifted specimens dominate to the exclusion of everyone else, in the world of equities trading the average investor can hitch his or her wagon to that of an expert [...]

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