Father-Son Hedge Fund Management Team Facing Fraud Charges

The extensive and far-reaching impact of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme that dominated headlines around the world in 2009 was exemplified recently when a former dean at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his son agreed to plead guilty to charges that they operated an alleged investment scam with associations to Madoff’s multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme. [...]


Potential Stock Market Effects of Marijuana Legalization

On January 1st of this year, marijuana became legal in the state of Colorado for recreational use and as soon as it did, weed related stocks skyrocketed. There were lofty expectations heading into the new year about the prices of such stocks once the legalization took effect, but sales soared well above them as a [...]


An Intro to News Trading and Noise Trading

News trading is something that people who are new to the world of trading may not be familiar with. It is a means by which certain financial instruments such as currencies and equities are traded on the markets. News traders scour the daily (and hourly) market reports in search of corporate management changes, merger rumors, [...]


Tales of Investor Fraud – Former Quiznos Executives Being Sued for Investor Fraud

Former executives of the popular submarine sandwich chain Quiznos are being sued by investors in federal court for what they say amount to hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of investor fraud. Funds belonging to Avenue Capital Group and Fortress Investment group filed a civil suit in July in US District Court in Denver where [...]


ISIS vs. the US and How It Could Affect the Markets

Oil prices continue to succumb to the forces of instability as the Islamic militant group ISIS continues to threaten US oil interests in the Middle East. The group first started taking over areas of northern Iraq in the early part of June and when they did, oil prices shot up almost $10 to around $108 [...]


Intuitive Trading – The New Financial Taboo

Intuitive trading is a very specific method of trading that hasn’t received a great deal of recognition because its definition has not been nailed down. Still, the world of finance knows full well that many traders engage in this type of trading and that it has worked well for many of them. Essentially, intuitive trading, [...]


The Fleecing of Senior Citizens in America Growing to Epidemic Proportions

NBC Nightly News features a semi-regular segment called “The Fleecing of America” which features stories from around the country of financial scams that have worked to bilk people out of their hard-earned money. Ponzi schemes and other forms of financial fraud unfortunately are much more common than most people think. But the fleecing of senior [...]


Risks and Disadvantages of Pairs Trading

Pairs trading is an investment strategy that has proven itself to be something of a controversy in financial circles. In the most general terms, it consists of purchasing two different stocks in the same sector. The lesser performing stock is purchased while the better performing one is sold. The theory behind this kind of trading [...]


The Effects of US Dollar Depreciation on Your Stock Portfolio

The US dollar has been depreciating significantly for quite some time and investors are taking its long term effects into consideration when looking at their stock portfolios. The decline of the value of the dollar and the effect that it has on a given portfolio is primarily dependent upon what that portfolio contains. If there [...]


Israeli Gaza Conflict Not Having Much Impact on World Markets

At a time when the world is seeing an unprecedented escalation in Middle East tension, particularly as it pertains to the Israel Gaza conflict, investors in the United States and other countries around the world don’t seem fazed by the fighting. One investor who is in Israel on behalf of his global investment firm has [...]

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