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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street and I specialize in credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The efforts paid off well…

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Highly informative on each position. Setup details, risks, reward and guidelines all provided before entering the trade, updates provided during the trade cycle and specific exit instructions to ensure max profit is secured (or if the trade should go against you, steps are taken to minimize loss.)

Well conceived trades, clear explanations, and individual support make this product one heck of a deal...perhaps my best investment decision of the year. Neal Cohen, Psy.D.

It's good.. trades are a bit too conservative for my taste, but perhaps suits other traders. I like to get a bit more reward for credit spreads. But Nic is a proactive trader..very good..

Constantly working for his subscribers. I have been impressed with his picks and suggestions. This may be the most reasonable site you can pay for!

I've checked out other services that offer much the same product, but without the comprehensive input and analysis that you offer. I appreciate your logic, explanations and the personalized assistance that you give. Good work!

Excellent service. Nick knows what he is doing and I trust his advice since he is very cautious and only looks for the best trade setups. I would only recommend the buy and sell signals a wee bit clearer. Sometime things are confusion for me.

I am very satisfied with the information that I have received, if I hadn't, I wouldn't have renewed the service

I love your market analysis. It helps me a lot to set my trade. I follow your trades a lot and I can learn how to minimize the risk, solutions. Awesome overall!

Great service with daily write ups, trade ideas, and an incredibly valuable chatroom. No one has a better pulse on the markets than Nic.

Nic has allowed me to learn trading option spreads without dropping crazy amounts of money on text books and tutorials. The best part is that I've made money from the very first day. Normally it takes months of learning before I can even attempt to make a dollar from the education.

You know that feeling right before you decide to hit "send" on a trade... when you wish you could turn to someone and say, "Is this a good move?!" Well, NIC IS THAT PERSON! It's been such a pleasure working with him. I look forward to every one of his daily reports -- they go right to the point and even have some humor in them! Who knew options could have humor?! His official trade alerts are incredibly accurate and he takes care of you throughout the WHOLE trade. You can tell he cares about not just setting us up with the right trades, but actually offering us education. My last trade was not an official trade alert but rather a recommendation that he made and it made me 181% in ONE DAY! Not a bad way to start my morning. I'm SOLD on this.. here's to a LONG relationship together!! :)

A very guided and educational approach to option investing and especially credit spreads. I have a personal preference to be paid to put a trade on as opposed to paying.

Nic, Glad to find your service. As a conservative trader, I really appreciate your trading styles. You are very approachable. I am not looking for home run trades but rather steady returns for my retirement accounts. Thank you. DT

Nicolas seems to know what he is doing. I have taken is income trades recently and I am generating income thanks to his picks. I like the way he keeps it all so simple. Thanks Nicolas for delivering what you promise.

after 6 months; I can tell small gains but you can have big loss like for PCLN witch the loss is not not 750$ on the site but much more : 9500$ even rolling down like I done. Good communication , Nic replay very quickly. For your money there is better trader on the site .