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The biotech sector is home to some of the market's fastest-growing stocks. Follow the biotech trading portfolio of maven The Biotech Trader as he helps you maximize gains and minimize risk.


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About Christian Tharp, CMT

Christian Tharp, CMT, is an expert stock market coach who has helped over 2500 beginner and advanced traders & investors around the world take control of their financial futures. His Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation substantiates him as…

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The up to date latest info. Really re-assuring. Appreciate that the info is so immediate and honest. Thanks.

Rating of 5: Christian is a brilliant, no-nonsense analyst whose expertise in using both long term trendlines and short term price action to identify setup trades is outstanding. One's own ability to analyze charts will provide an excellent support for entering an exiting his recommended trades with outstanding prospects for success. I have profited on several of his crititcal recommendations although I am generally not quite as much a short term trader as he can be; these profits far have far exceeded the cost of his service.

I am totally enjoying Biotech trader. Christian communicate constantly and gets us in and out making profits most of the time. His trades did exceptionally well during the tough July month. Also he will answer individual questions via email concerning other stocks and the market in general. Its like having my own expert next door.

I have been involved in the market for a little over a year now and tried several services. Christian is the best value I have seen and his understanding of the market is unmatched. Joining his service is a no brainer - the value is unmatchable. Thank you Christian for this service.

5 Star Biotech Trader has been very useful. Christian gives readers specific picks while providing his rationale for the choices he makes. It has helped me to erase the red ink from my own less than stellar choices, and is teaching me how to pick stocks proficiently on my own!

Love the product, service!!

great place to catch good trades

I enjoy the fact that Christian is giving us the trades and alerts on when to buy and sell. I wish he would also do this for the Big Stocks which I tried to trade last year before I got busy at work. I renewed for the Big Stock Listings and will likely take up the 5 Star Biotech Trader monthly or annual fee. I am pretty busy with my job, so whatever someone can do to reduce my time watching the market is A1 in my books, or I guess I should say, gets 5 stars from me.

Superb service from Christian and very insight-full.

Technically very sound and super trades by Christian make this a must newsletter and trades to follow

christian i would perfer 2|30 on Duncan

Great calls. Highly recommend 5 START Biotech Trader

Another good week. Made $2K on BIIB and another 7% on ACHN. Great service, and a ton of good info as well. Thanks Christian!


I had asked you not to renew my sub a week ago. I don't like to say negative things, so that should be enough. In case you didn't get my message to you, the $ 5.00 was cheap was compared to the $ 600.00 I lost one your first 2 recommendations.