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Alan Brochstein’s 420 Investor is the go-to community for investors to learn, explore, and profit from the marijuana companies. The main goal of 420I is to provide real-time, objective information about the top marijuana companies in the market in order to help investors capitalize on cannabis. Alan is leaving.


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I am leaving Benzinga. My goal is to work with them to provide you service through the end of your paid annual 420 Investor subscription, and I am trying to get there. I may fail. I put the needs of my subscribers way up there and look forward to se…

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The 420 Investor site is a good place if you want honest and unbiased information by a financial professional. Alan does a lot of due diligence to ensure his advice is as honest and accurate as possible. Without forgetting that every investment carries risk, by being part of this community you can be better informed and make better investment choices.

Alan is awesome.

Alan is without a doubt the most brutally honest, transparent, and best person to lead us into this new frontier. I'm a happy subscriber and am glad to have a trustworthy maven like him providing his years of experience to new investors like myself. Thanks for making the waters safer, Alan!!

Valuable info for this volatile sector. It's a great asset to learning the market. Alan has a great work ethic and is trustworthy. I love the 420 community here...we help each other. The new additions to the staff, Brayden n Rainman are also great teachers in the forums, anothere source of info within the site

Really enjoy the updates.Not so much into the short term trading.I believe it will evolve as subscriber base increases,more feedback,etc.Good source of info.

I finally got on board this money train. Wow! What was I waiting for? 420 Investor is awesome. Here we have an exciting new investing sector with excellent analysis and buying recommendations. If you like making money, get signed up here right now. If in adition to liking money, you also like 420, it would be foolish to not join this very fine investing newsletter and discussion forum. All aboard!

Great place for everything pot stocks. Alan does a great job of simplifying each and every different stocks with their risks and rewards

Have total confidence of AB's diligence & speciality. Hope he gives some tips on how to sell it high and then buy it low within the same stock again like he did with PHOT the other day. I'm very new to trading so such techniques will help me earn more without putting more. My asset is somewhat limited so...Keep up the good work guys!

Groundbreaking!! Honored to be a part of this. Alan seems to have a passion for what he does that seems to be lacking in so many these days.

I have been a member of 420Investors since it began. I knew Alan from SA before that. I witnessed the whole thing. I've never been a member of any other investment /trading group and only did this out of interest in the legalization movement. I can vouch for Alan and honestly say that his heart is in it. He will point out the good and bad and hold companies accountable for their actions. We invest and we trade for the sake of making money. Anybody that claims this site exists to pump or dump knows absolutely nothing about Alan or 420Investors. Alan is the hardest working man I've ever known and I am proud to be a member of 420.

Most in-depth cannabis sector analyst around. Worth the subscription fee. Marketfy could use some improvements but they say they are on the way.

Alan is Insightful, data-driven, creditable, and motivated. He is a no “BS” kind of guy; he tells it like it is. Alan continuously stays several steps ahead of the game with thorough research, providing 420 Investors with exclusive industry insights and interviews. Highly recommend for those who want to take the bull by its horns without getting thrown down.

Really getting tired of this. Activity page is the culprit. Text will not take my text. Really getting tired of this. Activity page is the culprit. Text will not take my text. Really getting tired of this. Activity page is the culprit. Text will not take my text.

Great place to share ideas and different strategies when trading in this volatile sector. Alan provided a great venue to explore the cannabis industry as well as provide guidance for new investors overall. The members are very friendly and also have a vast amount of knowledge to exchange. In a way I feel like this is our own private little hedge fund to "capitalize off Cannabis.'

AB is very informative and stays on top of the stocks on his list. He has made nothing but great decisions that have lead to PROFITS, PROFITS and more PROFITS!!