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Alan Brochstein’s 420 Investor is the go-to community for investors to learn, explore, and profit from the marijuana companies. The main goal of 420I is to provide real-time, objective information about the top marijuana companies in the market in order to help investors capitalize on cannabis. Alan is leaving.


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I am leaving Benzinga. My goal is to work with them to provide you service through the end of your paid annual 420 Investor subscription, and I am trying to get there. I may fail. I put the needs of my subscribers way up there and look forward to se…

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Not real pleased with the calls of late. But it is an evolving market. I think Alan does a great job overall but I will be discontinuing my membership as my requests to have the alerts and other pearls from Alan have ignored and I am not getting the service that I did in the beginning and thought was part of what I was paying for.

too much talking, lesser trading in here.. i was waiting for some good trades.. but all i get on news feeds is market forecasts and some reviews on how companies launch there statements....

Sweet info I really appreciate it.

I believe you are too short term. Wouldn't be in it if I didn't believe in it being the largest cash crop this world has seen. This is going to take a while. Why would one jump in and out for a few hundred dollars either way? Who has a crystal ball as to when to pull the trigger - either way. Also, why do you have a message me on your site - when all it is, is advertising?

Page loading could be faster

Terrible mobile app.

Very informative website covering the marijuana industry. I don't know of any other service that puts this much effort into due diligence.


Stop asking if I want to leave a review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really difficult to navigate. To find the most recent opinion on a specific stock requires the talents of Sherlock Holmes. You are also mecurical in your remarks shifting from building cash to fully invested within a day or two. I am tempted to resign but will persevere for a few more days. I must say all the information is there, it is a matter of finding it and then interpreting. Some of you articles are superb. Robert P Puddester

not enough coverage on all other cannabis stocks by AB. just less than a dozen repeated over and over again. this appears that AB might be a promoter of those 12 or less stocks!!!

As you already know the platform is just okay. No time to write a more complete response. Sorry.

Website Doesn't work all the time

I really do not like how you have forced my resubscription without any notification. It does not leave a good impression to get a charge on my account like this out of the blue. I still have not received any receipt of payment either. This is a joke. I think you need to reconsider your business model. ‘Beating the market’ is not exactly a win when you are only losing money. I realise you have to keep on trading as a function of your business model. But, I don’t feel like this is in the best interest of investors who are following your trades. Especially for new members who could be more easily influenced by your trades. I have come to the conclusion that if you cannot make money here, as someone who spends all of their time working on this and knows the industry better than most, then I surely have no chance.

Kind of hard to leave a review, as ever since joining, the market has been in a steady decline...a nightmare. My first 2 trades with 420 were losers. Lots of videos, info, emails and alerts...lots!! I’ve been a subscriber for 2 -3 months, and I’m not convinced. Maybe it’s just not for me...too many trades, you need the time to keep up with all the info and the trades. Again, the market has been terrible.