How To Identify A Micro-Cap Scam

I have been doing a lot of research lately for a series of blog posts I want to write regarding how to identify scammy products in the financial education marketplace. 

Below is another type of scam that is far too prevelant: micro-cap promotions. 

Micro-cap stocks are NOT always a scam - but their promotions often are. Remember to always analyze RISK before reward.

Bulls make $, bears make $, pigs (the greedy) get slaughtered. 

Have a great weekend. Here's to your investments paying dividends...

- Kyle

How To Identify A Micro-Cap Scam

"Your inbox is littered with them: newsletters alerting you to micro-cap stocks that are "Up 92% in one day!" or promise "1000% + gain on this one!" Some micro-cap scams are obvious, but others are not. Do you know how to identify a scam?

The siren call of wild returns from micro-cap stocks can be hard to resist. With approximately 15,000 publicly traded securities in the United States, most investors know there are many overlooked and misunderstood smaller companies worth owning. But investing in micro caps can be a minefield unless you know how to recognize real opportunity from fraud."

Read the rest here.

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