How to Learn 4 Proven Trading Strategies in Just One Week

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Happy Friday. I want to give you a quick weekend treat before we watch this $BABA IPO dominate the rest of the day's headlines ($22BLN in shares offered on an IPO is wild). Is this a top?

There is a wide variety of methods to trading. With this in mind, choosing just one can never be enough. Being knowledgeable across many different approaches will only better your understanding of the market and the unexpected events that come with it.

One important strategy to have is how to profit from the coming bear market. Due to the length of our current bull market, everyone seems to be waiting for the inevitable to come. Learning how to profit from these times will prevent traders from falling into the bear market pit.

Did you know mastering credit spreads could maximize your gains and also reduce your risk? Although trading credit spreads is rare on Main Street, few traders realize its full potential. Obtaining the right techniques can help traders become comfortable with this form of trading and work toward Wall Street profit opportunities.

Another useful method for traders to know is swing trading momentum stocks. Learning the risks and rewards of trading high beta stocks allows traders to react to momentum stocks as they occur, creating massive opportunities.

Lastly, traders can benefit from creating a lucrative technical analysis strategy, specifically by learning the top down approach. As mentioned, it’s best for a trader to be familiar with a variety of approaches. This top down approach will allow traders to find profitable opportunities outside of just stocks and options.

Whether you trade based on technical or fundamentals, or you focus on equities, options, ETFs, or futures, there’s a proven strategy for you at Marketfy’s 2nd Annual Traders Education Week. Starting on Monday (September 22nd at 4:30pm EST), traders will learn the 4 strategies described above from some of Marketfy's top options and equities experts – at no-cost!

If you can’t attend one of the live presentations, don’t worry! As a registrant, you'll receive free recordings and educational materials for all four of the presentations. Not to mention, attendees will receive access to special offers, access, promotions, and freebies.

Marketfy’s Traders Education Week has something for just about any trader. At no-cost to you, what risk can you really face?

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