How to Trade Momentum Stocks - Part 4

Hey guys, Here is Part 4 of my new FREE webinar, "How to Trade Momentum Stocks"!

This is the final segment of a just-published 4-part webinar series on how to profitably trade fast moving stocks. It's FREE for all, and if you watch to the end, you'll learn how to receive by email a free copy of my newly updated trading manual, "How to Trade Momentum Stocks Profitably."


A momentum stock is one that satisfies 3 criteria:

a) it has been trading in a sustained uptrend,

b) the strength of that uptrend has been increasing in recent weeks,

c) and it is expected to continue in that uptrend into the near future.

In Part 1 of this series, I showed you the "dirty little secret" regarding momentum stocks: that trading them based on price momentum alone loses money! CLICK HERE FOR PART ONE

In Part 2, I show you a simple hack that will virtually guarantee you will make money trading momentum stocks. Go from loser to winner with this single fundamental metric added to your scan. CLICK HERE FOR PART TWO

In Part 3, you'll learn of another simple metric which, if added to your search process, will boost your momentum stock trading returns nearly 7-fold! This is the BIG KAHUNA right here and you'll learn it nowhere else. CLICK HERE FOR PART THREE

In Part 4, you'll learn one last trick to maximize your trading gains with momentum stocks. This last add to your momentum stock screen will both increase your returns and decrease your downside risk. CLICK HERE FOR PART FOUR.

Be sure to watch the videos to the end. You'll learn how you can get a free copy of my newly revised trading manual, "How to Trade Momentum Stocks Profitably."

Here is Part 4 of "How to Trade Momentum Stocks":


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