How to Trade Momentum Stocks - Part 1

Hey guys,

I just recorded a new 4-part webinar series on trading momentum stocks. A momentum stock (or ETF) is one that satisfies 3 criteria:

a) it has been trading in a sustained uptrend,

b) the strength of that uptrend has been increasing in recent weeks,

c) and it is expected to continue in that uptrend into the near future.

In Part 1 of this series, I show you the "dirty little secret" regarding momentum stocks: that trading them based on price momentum alone loses money!

In Part 2, I show you a simple hack that will virtually guarantee you will make money trading momentum stocks.

In Part 3, you'll learn of a simple trick which if added to your search process will boost your momentum stock trading returns 7-fold!

In Part 4, you'll learn one last trick to maximize your trading gains with momentum stocks.

Be sure to watch the videos to the end. You'll learn how you can get a free copy of my newly revised trading manual, "How to Trade Momentum Stocks Profitably."

Here is Part 1 of "How to Trade Momentum Stocks":


Posted to Dr. Stoxx Options Letter on Nov 11, 2015 — 3:11 PM
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