3 Stocks I Like Right Now

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This afternoon I ran my proprietary "ESP Momentum" scan (ESP stands for "earnings, sales, price") and came up with an awesome list of potential A-list trades. I can't tell you which stock topped the list, because that beauty went to my subscribers today...and it is rallying like crazy this afternoon. But I want to show you the next three after that. All look great from here, with the market winds at their backs.

I'm going to make this short and sweet. What follows here is for educational purposes only. I encourage you to do your own due diligence before investing any money. Better yet, subscribe to the Dr. Stoxx Options Letter and let me do it for you.

1. MBLY: Mobileye

Like the idea of a driver-less car? So does Mobileye. They are building the technology to make it happen. Investor seems to like it too. Look for the 50's soon...

2. ASPS: Altisource Portfolio Solutions

This European, real estate related, financial software supplier -- it provides the backend for mortgage service companies -- trades at only 7x current earnings and looks ready to make the next leg higher:

Drstoxx.com's photo.

3. TERP: Terra-Form Power Inc.

If you like EPS growth, you need to take a look at this monster stock. It grew EPS 1100% and sales nearly 500% this past year,

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Posted to Dr. Stoxx Options Letter on May 27, 2015 — 3:05 PM
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