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I'm about to send out my free stock pick for this week to everyone on our mailing list. This is something I've been doing every week for the past 14 years...ever since we launched (formerly Befriend The Trend) way back kin October of 2002. We started back then with just 1 daily letter. Today we have 4 dailies, 2 weeklies, 1 monthly letter, trading manuals, trading webinars, and a managed accounts service.

Go to to get on list. Click the link in the upper right corner of the home page to sign up.

This week's pick in the financial service industry has no debt, tons of free cash flow, top and bottom line growth metrics all above 30%, and is poised to print a big time price breakout. I'm getting my subscribers on board before that happens. We are expecting a 30 to 40% move over the next 3 months.

Again, go to our site, to sign up for the Free Pick.

Posted to Dr. Stoxx Options Letter on Sep 15, 2016 — 1:09 PM
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