How to Make $100 to $500 per Day Trading Stocks

So, I wanted to share a bit from a brand new day-trading course I just published (CHECK IT OUT HERE). I'm not a day-trader by nature -- they tend to have nerves of steel, quick reflexes, and love to sit all day in front of the computer -- but I love to build winning trading systems, and I know that what works on the longer time-frames (I trade hourly and daily charts) also works on the shorter-term intraday charts.

One of systems I teach in the new course is called the MAC-Stoch system, so-named because of the 2 technical indicators it uses to find and trade fast-moving stocks. Students of the course LOVE this system and are making good money from it every day. The system is designed to give multiple entry signals on the same stock throughout the day so it is perfect for those with limited time. Those who can trade all day use my "scaling in" technique (fully explained in the course) to maximize profits.

The MAC-Stoch system follows 5 simple steps:

1. Screen for ideal trading stocks (liquid, volatile, higher in price)

2. Use the MACD on the daily chart to determine the dominant trend

3. Use Stochastics on the 5-min. chart to determine trade entries in the direction of the dominant trend

4. Set a stop-loss. Move stop-loss to breakeven once the trade reaches 2.0% profit.

5. Close at end of day if not stopped out.

Check out this 3-day stretch using the MAC-Stoch system on TNA, the 3x Bull Smallcap ETF (note, all trades are shorts; you could also go long TZA for the same result):

Traders are now using my new course, "The Dr. Stoxx Complete Day-Trading Course" to make $100, $500 or more per day trading the MAC-Stoch system, along with 2 other complete systems taught in the course (there is a Opening Gap system, and a Pullback system as well).

Quick, easy, simple and everything is fully explained in my new course. Order your copy by CLICKING HERE.

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