How to Trade Fast Moving Stocks - part 1

Watch Dr. Carr's new video webinar here.

There is a dirty little secret about trading momentum stocks that no one else will tell you. Learn this one secret and you are on your way to being a profitable momentum trader. Ignore it, and you'll be stuck in the loser's game known as "chasing fast moving stocks."

In this first video of a multi-part series, Dr. Thomas K. Carr (aka "Dr. Stoxx"), founder and CEO of and author of the bestseller, "Trend Trading for a Living (2007: McGraw-Hill), shows you what 2 conditions besides price momentum need to be in place to trade fast moving stocks profitably.

In this new video, Dr. Carr reveals the 2 essential conditions that MUST be in place every time you scan the markets for fast-moving stocks. Without these 2 parameters in place, you'll see how a $10,000 account can become nearly worthless in 5 years. But with them in place, you'll see that same $10,000 baloon to over $50,000.

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