Perfect Storm Trades for 1/23/2015

Hi All,

SPY was relatively flat this morning spending most of the time in the stinky 5s range 205.40-205.60.  We hit SBUX LONG at 86.88 on SPY surge but there were surpisingly heavy sellers so we stopped out even.  We hit SBUX SHORT at 86.76avg as it leaned to 86.50 but held firm and coiled back up quickly stopping us out at 86.96, out - .20.  That coil set up a 5 minute mini pup as 15 minute also went into a mini pup.  We took SBUX LONG at 87.20 to scalp 87.39 and 87.66, out + .19 and + .46.  We simultaneously took UPS SHORT at 104 for a gap fill break on perfect storm breakdown to scale out 103.33 and 103.67, out + .67 and + .37.  We hit INFN SHORT at 17.27 looking to add near 17.50 stinky 2.50s but we were too focused on UPS as it peaked 17.49 and then proceeded to make a full 1 minute mini inverse pup oscillation to scalp out 16.96, out + .31.  We scaled into SBUX LONG at 87.41 as they rug pulled the 87.61 entry down to the 5 minute 5 period ma area to add 87.20 for the coil back to stinky 2.50s to scalp 87.45, out + .04.  SBUX cemented the 87.60 support area which pointed towards the next fib at 88.39.  We took SBUX LONG at 87.93avg on double entries to scalp 88.09 and 88.27 as it spiked to the 88.39 fib on the nose, out + .16 and + .34.  We hit UPS SHORT at 103.15 for a breakdown to scale out 102.82 and 102.76, out + .33 and + .39.  Carved out + $538 profits this morning.

Closed out the week with - $608 losses.

Posted to Morning Profit Maker on Jan 23, 2015 — 11:01 AM
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