Poolside Weekend Reading

Flagged readings for this week:

Grantham Mayo Otterloo’s Marc Seidner is “beating his old boss Bill Gross at a game Gross used to dominate: calling the bond market.

Review Baidu, a company that has already made computers better at recognizing speech, translating languages, and identifying images, is ready to bring its artificial intelligence dream to the world.

Ajay Banga, Mastercard is experimenting with mobile-payment systems, touchless transactions and its own “digital wallet.

Pope Francis is not only a people person, but also “an elite manager who’s reforming the Vatican’s troubled finances.

An investigation into how businessman Sam Pa rose “from obscurity to clinch deals across five continents worth tens of billions of dollars.

Video reward for reading this far:

New world record in speed climbing.

*We do our best to find free interesting content on the web, but unfortunately some of these articles may require a subscription. To get around that, try googling the article’s title and access it via the search results.

Have a good weekend,

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Posted to Cup & Handle Macro Research on Aug 21, 2014 — 12:08 PM
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